Pediatric Dental Group

The Challenge

This well established pediatric dental office in Vancouver had run out of client file storage capacity.   They thought that when the clinic had been constructed 20 years prior that they had allowed for enough chart storage with built in wood shelving.   Seven years into the the space they had already run out of storage.   They had another storage company design and add movable lateral carriages with more wood shelving units.   This bought them another 13 years of storage.  Once again they were out of storage with limited options...

The Solution

The options seemed limited and PDG exhausted them until they called Acme Visible.   The solution was to remove everything done prior but still work within the existing space available.   Using our Mizer Manual Colorado Series mobile carriages, on a level track and deck system, we mobilized and added our Spacefile Thinline Shelving.  Thinline allows the most efficient use of file shelving for vertical height on the market.   Acme Visible was able to gain 2 full levels over the clients existing storage equipment.   This coupled with the adjustment of our Colorado configuration gave us a 68% increase in storage capacity.   Problem Solved.   Less than one year later we got the call from PDG to do the same for their Delta office.