Secure File Moves

Secure File Moves

Acme Visible can provide a turnkey solution for your pending file-room relocation.  Our experienced file move team will systematically pack all of your sensitive files either by box or by cart. We will then move and relocate the files, while re-establishing their correct order and integrity.

Acme Visible can also re-organize your file system at the same time by re-labeling and re-classifying your folders.  Maintaining confidentiality is a priority and access is maintained through the move process.  With an Acme Visible file relocation, everything will end up in its correct location.  Your vital information is in trusted hands!

Did you know?

The largest healthcare authorities in Canada trust Acme Visible to move confidential patient records.

Company Overview

Acme Visible has trained professionals with over 25 years experience who will work with you to understand your workplace and the demands on your space and records.  We will find the solution that works best for your organization.  Acme Visible can incorporate all of our services, or just one of our services, depending on your needs.  We offer the most flexible service solutions in the industry, and work hard to cater to each client's unique circumstances.

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