Stock Room Shelving and Storage

See also Clothing / Garment / Apparel Shelving and Storage

A great retail experience is often dictated by whether or not an item is in stock and how fast it can be retrieved while the customer is waiting.    You need a highly organized high density storage system to save on expensive retail floor space.    A high density storage system will more than double the available storage space in a given area.  Where stockroom space is limited, a mobile shelving system can combine extra secure storage with end-of-aisle point of sale displays (see shoe storage photo example).   Valuable goods can be kept under lock and key to reduce shrinkage.   Acme Visible provides mobile shelving solutions to some of the largest retail department stores in Canada.    No matter what your requirements are, we can customize a solution that will meet your present and future needs.

In addition to our large selection of mobile and fixed shelving solutions, Acme Visible has stock and custom filing supplies as well as Asset Tracking Systems for those expensive assets.