Customize Folders With Heat Sealed Fasteners

By Charles Broady

Today we launched a great new online feature that allows you to pick your folder and then add factory applied heat sealed fasteners (clips) to your folder order.   You can click with the mouse to select any position or combination of positions for your fasteners.   Your order total is automatically calculated to include the cost of the fasteners and the labour costs to apply them.  If you have an online account setup, you can even select a previous custom order in your order history and then click "reorder" to easily order exactly what you ordered last time.   Custom orders have never been so easy! 

*Please note that if you are using Internet Explorer you will need version 10 or up.   Versions 8 and 9 of the Internet Explorer Browser are so old that they do not support the newer technology our website uses.

Latest Products

By Charles Broady

Here's a sneak peak at some new made-to-order products just added into our portfolio.   The above photos shows our new end-tab folio in red.   Custom colours and expansion widths are available.


We also now have pressboard end-tab binders made to order with printing options, colour options and varying ring sizes.


Finally we have added the hard to find white dual ply pressed board folders available in multi-divider configurations. Fastener positions can be customized as well.  Call us at 604-668-8380 for more information.  Products will be added to the website soon for online ordering.

Why Colour Code Your Files?

By Charles Broady

Colour code systems allow you to replace time-consuming, tedious and costly manual fingering searches by a "glance" check, requiring only seconds to scan thousands of folders for misfiles.  Large filing systems are usually colour coded on the end tab so that files can be shelved at multiple heights.  This allows you to stack files higher than with top tab type folders which have to be seen from above.   A greater density of files is more efficient and less expensive because of the reduction in costly real estate.

Professional records managers use shelf files and colour code systems.  Acme's colour code systems virtually eliminate misfiles because colours are interpreted instantly and misfiles are detected immediately so retrieval functions become more efficient.

The Acme colour coding system known as Kromakode set the industry standard some 50 years ago. It uses the colours of the rainbow on the identifying tab of a folder. This allows for faster, more accurate file retrieval, tracking and return. Whether you choose an alphabetic or numeric Kromakode system, when placed in our open system shelving or cabinets, the colour code labels create distinctive patterns that clearly indicate each file's correct position. Misfiles are a thing of the past with Kromakode and, with Acme's charge-out systems, file tracking has never been easier.

See our colour code basics document for more detailed information.  Acme Visible has a huge range of alphabetic, numeric, month and year labels to choose from.

Adding Fasteners (Clips) to File Folders

By Charles Broady

You may not know this but Acme Visible can customize most folder products we sell with fasteners placed in one of eight standard positions, or in other positions by request.    Fasteners are typically used to hold paper sheets in position in a folder so they don't fall out.

Fasteners or "clips" as they are also known, keep your records neat and tidy and make information easier to find.   We "clip" folders with our high-speed machine which heat seals the two prong fastener to the folder.   The machine can even apply two fasteners at a time should you need them in multiple positions.   The heat seal process ensures the fasteners will stay adhered to the file folder for 20+ years.

Fasteners are an inexpensive way to keep your filing system well organized. Contact Acme Visible to quote you on fasteners for your next order.

Electric Mobile Shelving Safety

By Charles Broady

Unique to our Spacefile line of electric mobile shelving is a technical feature you've probably never heard of, but which can save lives.  Customers often express concern that an electric mobile carriage weighing up to 50,000 pounds could potentially crush an employee or an object caught in the aisle.   With upwards of 20 carriages on the move in a single system, this is a significant concern.  Luckily there is a technical solution, not available in any other product line.

Spacefile's Motor Current Monitoring System has a controller that monitors the amount of current it takes to continue a move cycle.   If the current has a spike (increase in current) the carriage will stop movement and back up.   So if someone puts their foot up against the carriage creating resistance - the carriage will stop.   Because the weight of the carriage is potentially always changing depending on what is on the carriage shelving, this sophisticated system can detect minute changes in resistance to the motor trying to move the carriage.  When more resistance is detected than there should be, the carriage stops.

Additional Safety Features:

  • Aisle Entry Detection System
  • Infa Red Photosweeps
  • Open Aisle Stop Lights Requiring Manual Over-ride
  • Motion Detectors
  • Horns
  • Motor Running Time Limits
  • Motor Power Comparisons

With Spacefile from Acme Visible, you have a worksafe environment you can count on!