File Destruction

File Destruction

Every file should have a retention policy and defined lifespan to ensure compliance and minimize potential liability issues.  Acme Visible can assist with the implementation of a retention policy and come to your office to assist with the boxing and destruction or your confidential information.  Acme Visible can ensure the integrity of your files are maintained, and that destroyed files are recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Did you know?

Issues to consider before destroying files include the statute of limitations of a potential lawsuit, along with; legislative, archival, and staff requirements for the information.

Company Overview

Acme Visible has trained professionals with over 25 years experience who will work with you to understand your workplace and the demands on your space and records.  We will find the solution that works best for your organization.  Acme Visible can incorporate all of our services, or just one of our services, depending on your needs.  We offer the most flexible service solutions in the industry, and work hard to cater to each client's unique circumstances.

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