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Configure your library materials while saving valuable floor space with Acme Visible High-density Storage Solutions for your Library

Acme Visible has several library bookcase and library storage products with our main line being Estey.   This cantilever shelving system is used by institutions across North America thanks to its durability, capacity, modular design, and value.   Install it on an electric high density mobile system such as Spacefile Electric SDSe to cantilever your space even further.

Every library has an enormous quantity of books, and we have shelving to economically store all types of books in your stacks.   From hardcover to softcover, periodicals to newspapers, fiche to architectural drawings, Acme has a storage solution.

Whether it's Estey or another Acme Visible offering, our library storage solutions are carefully integrated into your Library environment to maximize efficiencies for both the facility and the users.   Let us show you how we can configure your stacks and space to allow for your collections!

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