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The British Columbia court system is a great example of a demanding filing environment.  With rapidly expanding case files and the need for tightly controlled records management, court registries demand quality file folders that are durable and easy to locate.   Not only is Acme Visible trusted to supply the BC court system with quality filing supplies, we also supply the court systems in other Canadian Provinces.

Acme has installed some of our largest mobile shelving systems in law firms across Canada.  Many law firms are located in downtown areas with extremely expensive real-estate.   A mobile file shelving system quickly cost justifies itself in floor space savings.   Aesthetics are very important to law firms.   Acme's diverse line of shelving products is available in numerous custom finishes to blend with the decor of today's contemporary offices.   For more than 25 years Acme Visible has been a trusted partner to the law profession.   Please contact us to help you plan and execute your next project.

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