Equipment Moves & Decommissioning

Equipment Moves & Decommissioning

If you move or reorganize, you may no longer require your shelving or high density storage system.  Acme Visible has the trained staff to efficiently dismantle and break down your existing system for relocation, or recycling.  Acme Visible will ensure the timely and environmentally friendly dismantling of your storage equipment, and the cost effective re-installation or disposal.

Did you know?

High density storage systems moved by untrained installers will have a much shorter lifespan and will likely void the manufacturers warranty.

Company Overview

Acme Visible has trained professionals with over 25 years experience who will work with you to understand your workplace and the demands on your space and records.  We will find the solution that works best for your organization.  Acme Visible can incorporate all of our services, or just one of our services, depending on your needs.  We offer the most flexible service solutions in the industry, and work hard to cater to each client's unique circumstances.

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