File Labeling

File Labeling

As your business grows your files may become more disorganized as your filing needs expand.  Acme Visible provides a file system conversion service.  We will create a file labeling template that works for every type of file in your organization using our proven colour and bar coding methods.  You will never again say: "I can't find a file!"  With extensive experience working with all types of organizations from healthcare to insurance, we guarantee we can simplify your filing system and make you much more productive.

More about numeric and alphabetic labeling systems


Did you know?

Acme set the colour code standard in 1962 with the invention of Kromakode, the strip label colour code system. There are many different types of coding systems including numeric, alphabetic and multi-classification.



If you need us to label your new folders we provide this service as well.   See our factory labeled folders page for more information.

For self-application see our extensive line of folder labels you can purchase online.

Company Overview

Acme Visible has trained professionals with over 25 years experience who will work with you to understand your workplace and the demands on your space and records.  We will find the solution that works best for your organization.  Acme Visible can incorporate all of our services, or just one of our services, depending on your needs.  We offer the most flexible service solutions in the industry, and work hard to cater to each client's unique circumstances.

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