About Acme Visible

Why Choose Us

Trust - The Acme Visible brand has been trusted for more than half a century for innovative records management solutions and fantastic customer service. When you choose Acme you join the thousands of customers who appreciate our great value and flexible approach.

Expertise - No project is too large or too small and we've done them all! Acme Visible has fulfilled some of the largest federal government motorized high-density shelving projects ever in Canada. Huge healthcare file re-organizations are routine. If you dream it up we have probably already installed or provided it for another client. You benefit from the continuity of dealing with the same Acme Visible and Brunswick staff, year after year.

Selection - Do you have a unique file coding system? Chances are we sell it or can match it. Do you need customized folders with special fastener positions or dividers or indexing? From folders and labels to all kinds of shelving and cabinets, we have a huge selection.

Service - Every company says they have great service but ours is also friendly and flexible. We don't just sell products, we are also experienced planners, implementers and installers. We'll find a way to get things done quickly and efficiently so that you can move on to other projects.

Reach - We are a national company serving customers throughout Canada. With offices in both Western and Eastern Canada we can serve you economically.

Reputation - It takes years to build a reputation and we are proud of ours. Most of our business comes from referrals which is a testament to our long term customer partnerships. We take our customer relationships seriously and work hard to maintain and grow them for life.


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Acme Visible pioneered the design of filing products in the early 1960's. From the development of card file systems, to the introduction of the Kroma Kode colour coded filing system in 1963, our records management systems and services stand the test of time.

The current company - Acme Visible Filing Systems Ltd (BC) - was formed in 1990 after the Acme Visible name was secured from the previous company. Acme Visible continues to specialize in helping organizations get organized while saving valuable space and maximizing employee productivity.

Acme Visible's commitment to our clients, our innovative offerings and our dedication to quality are as important today, as they were when Acme Visible started over half a century ago. The market for records management products is always evolving and so are the products and services we provide.

From shelving, filing systems, and filing equipment for all types of organizations, to providing records management related services, Acme Visible's offerings are focused on simplicity and efficiency.

We have designed and implemented records management systems for every imaginable type of industry in Canada including: Healthcare, Government, Insurance, Banking & Financial, Education / Libraries, Legal, Law Enforcement, Retail, Industrial, Corporate, and Museums and Archives.

In 2010 Acme Visible Filing Systems Ltd. purchased Brunswick Filing Systems Inc. in Manitoba. Brunswick is now a division of Acme.