Tambour Door Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets with tambour doors are great for areas where traditional swinging doors aren't practical or aesthetically pleasing.   Tambour doors can recess vertically or even horizontally as shown in pictures of the Harbor Series of cabinets.  Most of the shelving and cabinets that Acme Visible sells can have Tambour Doors added to them. Cabinets come in standard, deluxe or even jumbo (48" wide) sizes.

Standard features include heavy duty construction, locking mechanisms, raised bottoms and built in shelf support tabs for adjustable shelves.   Can be ordered assembled or ready to assemble.

Options available:

  • Multiple door colour options
  • Aluminum and plastic door materials
  • Multiple cabinet height and width options
  • Ventilation louvers in cabinet to allow air flow
  • Adjustable floor levelers