Spacefile Thinline Shelving

Spacefile’s ThinLine stackable tier technology is the most efficient shelving solution on the market. ThinLine’s 1/8” shelf thickness allows for maximum shelf height compared to traditional manufacturing practices. You gain an extra row of shelving with this system, when compared to any other system we offer. More shelf height with solid steel strength.

Modular / Adjustable / Re-useable:

ThinLine truly a multi-purpose product. Modular, adjustable and reusable, this shelving comes in standard and custom sized tier lengths and then is stacked to required heights. Flexibility in our design and manufacturing allow for multiple door options, drawers, locks, pull out shelves, adjustable or permanent dividers, and inserts. Different configurations can be mounted on any mobile system. It is easy to create a polished, professional finished appearance with the ThinLine solution.

Our in-house design team provides 2D and 3D renderings of multiple configurations and customized solutions.


  • Flip Down Doors (optional)
  • Permanent or Magnetic Dividers
  • Open or Closed Uprights
  • Can be mounted on any Spacefile Mobile System
  • Decorative End Panels Available
  • Industry Standard and Custom Heights, Depths and Widths
  • Ships Disassembled