Spacefile Tambour Door Cabinets

Spacefile Tambour Door Cabinets are created by combining Spacefile shelving products with tambour doors to create any configuration you can dream up.  They make great dental cabinets and supplies cabinets.  Third party shelving products can usually also have tambour doors added for more cabinet options. Door slats can be completely rolled up for full access and conveniently pulled down and locked to restrict access. Our Tambour Doors feature a lightweight design and waist high self-activating level lock to allow for easy, ergonomic operation. Spacefile's Tambour Doors are provided with a durable powder coat steel casing and aluminum guide rails. Spacefile's completely lockable design complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA security requirements.

Custom Dimensions: Spacefile’s Tambour Doors are manufactured on-site, and are available in custom dimensions to fit perfectly with existing shelving.

Multiple Colors & Finishes: Spacefile Tambour Doors have a diverse range of colors and unique wood grain finishes and a variety of custom options.

Flexible Design: Our Tambour Doors can be added to existing shelving units or relocated and reconfigured to adapt to changing storage needs.

Finished Appearance: Spacefile Tambour Doors are fully finished with no visible holes or fasteners. All metal components are finished with powder coat paint, providing a durable hard surface with superior performance qualities.