Spacefile LT Static Shelving

In today's competitive marketplace, the effective use of space is critical to the success of any organization.   Spacefile LT Shelving allows you unlimited flexibility to store anything.   This includes everything from files and binders to boxes and unique items.  Spacefile International has provided systems to store everything from sporting equipment to pharmaceutical supplies.  The possibilities are endless and file shelving has never been so easy.

Spacefile LT is available in 12 stock colours as well as custom colours and is available through our Quick Ship program.

Spacefile LT is the best investment for general storage.  Spacefile LT Standard, LT Medium and LT Heavy Duty Shelving offers both exceptional strength and durability for multiple storage applications.   Spacefile LT shelving uses both "L" and "T" shaped uprights allowing for a variety of configurations.   Interlocking double key-hole uprights combined with double rivet shelf supports offer maximum strength and durability with double entry storage (back to back) allowing for maximum storage capacity within a space.  Shelves are available slotted to accept adjustable file dividers or unslotted.   All units are designed for expansion and are available on any Spacefile Mobile System.  Spacefile LT Shelving is ready to assemble with standard tools.  Make Spacefile your next file storage system.


  • Adjustable Shelf Heights
  • Adjustable or Permanent Dividers
  • Open or Closed Uprights
  • Can be mounted on any Spacefile Mobile System
  • Decorative End Panels Available
  • Stainless Steel Shelves Available
  • Industry Standard and Custom Heights, Depths and Widths
  • Ships Disassembled