Mizer Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving

Mizer was established in 1998 and is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mizer’s edge in the compact mobile storage industry comes from its standard Lifetime Warranty, its long term reliability, and being made in North America.

The Mizer Advantage:

Surface Mount or Deck
Mount options
Since every application is different, you have the option of having your Mizer system mounted directly on your existing floor, or on a raised deck. Your consultant can recommend your most economical and appropriate solution.
The Lowest Overall
System Height
Mizer’s lower system height boasts better ergonomics for staff, easier access, higher capacity and allows our system to be installed in more places with hanging beams and overhead sprinkler systems. It’s the steel tube design that gives it greater strength than competing systems without the minimum 4″ channel walls.
Longer lasting Balanced
Drive system
The Mizer Balanced Drive spreads power evenly to both ends of the system, so the crank end isn’t “dragging” the opposite. This eliminates torquing, stress on the joints, and components, and is one part of what makes Mizer “The Reliable Name in Compact Storage.”
The Reliability of Needing Virtually
no Service
Mizer mechanical mobiles are equipped with the industry’s first Self-Tightening Chain. This eliminates the need for access panels and costly routine maintenance.
Safety and Beauty Mizer end panels incorporate metal radius edged panel bars that ensure operator safety when closing an aisle, protect the finish of the shelving and end panels, and increase design flexibility.