Lateral Movable Shelving and Cabinets

Acme Visible lateral movable systems work with both shelving and cabinets. We can mobilize any type of shelving or cabinet, or provide a turn-key solution with the storage equipment that best suits your requirements. 

Our lateral systems work to maximize the efficiency of your floor space. The back row of equipment is typically fixed, with lateral movable storage equipment moving laterally across the back units, meanwhile continuing to allow access to all shelves.  Mobile file storage systems from Acme will save you space.

Our Quicksilver line features:

  • Low profile floor track systems that can be installed in front of your existing equipment.  This allows a second or third row of equipment in front of the existing
  • Carriages are made to size.  Each carriage includes anti-tip brackets to ensure the equipment is mounted securely

Our Spacefile Rollaway II / III system features:

  • Level-able track and platform system witch fully incorporates the back static and movable storage units
  • Overhead anti-tip system is built into the system
  • System allow for re-leveling, and easy reconfiguration and re-use
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 Quicksilver Mobile Shelving Brochure (Lateral) Spacefile Rollaway Shelving Brochure (Lateral)