e-z-rect Trim Line Static Shelving

Introducing E-Z-Rect's new generation of Trim-Line bolt-less shelving that is attractively designed, rigid, easy to install and inexpensive.

Trim-Line can handle a wide variety of storage problems including warehouse, retail, record box storage, stationary and office filing systems.

Trim-Line easily meets seismic considerations.  Designed for an overall safety factor of 1.66 to 1.

If you have a growing business or starting a new one... our representatives can give you quick and economical solutions to your storage requirements.


  • Excellent for bin boxes, small parts and bulk storage
  • Ideal for short or wide span shelving applications
  • Can be used for high-rise or multi-level shelving systems
  • For all types of retail storage applications
  • Great for garment and merchandise use in department stores or other storage facilities
  • Attractive finish suitable for customer display areas
  • Perfect for shoe storage on stationary or mobile systems
  • Adaptable to record boxes, computer print-outs, binders, hanging files, stationary or any combination