Automotive Shelving and Storage

See also Parts Shelving and Storage

Are your technicians wasting valuable time waiting at the parts counter?  Billable time for a tech is upwards of $60 per hour.  That means even waiting one minute can cost $1 in lost productivity.  Is your staff spending more time searching for parts than servicing customers?  Efficient automotive shelving is the answer.

Operational studies have shown that 80% of parts sales come from just 20% of a typical dealership's parts inventory.   Let us help you create a "fast zone" parts counter area, to concentrate this activity by relocating the fastest moving items to the point of issue.   Rugged flexi-bins are specially designed to organize your small parts inventory and are sturdy enough to support mezzanine systems when required.  No matter what your requirements are, we can customize a solution that will meet your present and future needs.

In addition to our large selection of mobile and fixed shelving solutions, Acme Visible has stock and custom filing supplies as well as Asset Tracking Systems for those expensive assets.  

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