Borroughs Record Master Static Shelving

Borroughs Record Master Four-Post Shelving is easy to assemble.   It's economical.  Easy access, open shelves store and protect your file collections efficiently.  Open shelf filing provides clear visibility and quick retrieval of stored files.  Units utilize vertical space to maximize file storage per square foot, while keeping files within easy reach.  These advantages combine with Borroughs' superior durable design to make Four-Post Shelving the first choice in file shelving and storage.

Open office areas need the benefit of open shelf filing, along with a high degree of aesthetics.  Case-Style shelving, with full-height double-wall construction, creates a bookcase like appearance.   There are no exposed holes, slots or unfinished edges, giving the unit smooth, clean lines.   A wide range of available colours enables Case-Style shelving to blend into any office environment.

Features and Benefits:

  • No externally exposed holes - crisp, clean, contemporary appearance
  • No sway braces - quick, simple assembly and double-entry access
  • No exposed hardware - diminishes file damage
  • Low profile shelf allows optimum shelf centers for maximum filing capacity
  • Furniture quality finish - looks great in any office even after years of heavy use