Acme Retrieval Centre Rotary Files

The Acme Rotary File is a cabinet within a cabinet.   The interior is a four-sided storage cabinet that revolves completely in either direction with only a touch.   It may be stopped in any two of four positions.  Two positions allow access to the storage compartments while the other two are the cabinet's closed positions.   The Acme Rotary File is high density, multi-media storage equipment, the use of which dramatically increases floor space availability and decreases retrieval time.
  • Efficient Accessibility - The interior presents the user with six to sixteen shelves (levels) of meda to view and access
  • Quick Retrieval - Twice the files in the same space means reduced storage and retrieval time
  • High Density - Maximum use of your floor space with benefits that multiply when units are placed back to back or side to side
  • Built In Security - To secure media simply rotate to the closed position and turn the standard key lock.  Optional keyed drawers can also be ordered
  • Multi-media Capable - With it's variety of accessories, the Acme Rotary File is the storage solution for computer disks, microfilm, microfiche, CD's, DVD's, or whatever you need to store
  • Security Drawers
  • Rollout Reference Shelves
  • Pass Through Shelves
  • File Shelves
  • 3" Multi-media drawers
  • Key Locks
  • Rollout Storage Options