Adding Fasteners (Clips) to File Folders

By Charles Broady

You may not know this but Acme Visible can customize most folder products we sell with fasteners placed in one of eight standard positions, or in other positions by request.    Fasteners are typically used to hold paper sheets in position in a folder so they don't fall out.

Fasteners or "clips" as they are also known, keep your records neat and tidy and make information easier to find.   We "clip" folders with our high-speed machine which heat seals the two prong fastener to the folder.   The machine can even apply two fasteners at a time should you need them in multiple positions.   The heat seal process ensures the fasteners will stay adhered to the file folder for 20+ years.

Fasteners are an inexpensive way to keep your filing system well organized. Contact Acme Visible to quote you on fasteners for your next order.